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Are you on the journey of self-discovery? Then read this.

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Are you searching for yourself? Do you sometimes wonder about the purpose of life? Some people live in their pain and suffering, in the belief that fate simply does not mean well to them. Partly resigned to the troubles of life, partly eternal in search of something or someone, always hoping to get something so that it gets better. The reason why we usually do not get what we want in life is that we search in the wrong places and lose sight of the essential.

A beggar had been sitting on the roadside for more than thirty years.

One day a stranger came by. "Do you have a coin?" the beggar murmured and held out his old cap.

"I have nothing to give you," said the stranger, took a closer look at the beggar and then asked: "What are you sitting on?

"Hm? Oh well', the beggar replied, 'that's just an old box. I've always been sitting on it as long as I can remember.

Have you looked in there?" the stranger asked. "

No," said the beggar, "why should I? It's just an old box. I don't have anything to put in anyway. It fulfills its purpose, I don't have to sit on the dirty street."

"Look inside," the stranger urged.

The beggar managed to break the box open. Full of astonishment, disbelief, and enthusiasm, he discovered that the box was filled with gold of inestimable value.

A completely natural process of self-discovery starts at a very young age and gets another strong boost in puberty. We get to know our body and its needs and then also our identity, dreams, desires and visions and what is important to us in life.

For many people, this process stagnates after or even before that due to various circumstances.

Conscious and unconscious programming from the environment, limiting beliefs, misfortunes can be reasons to negatively influence the process of self-discovery.

We find ourselves in a boring job, having an unhappy partnership, if any, or not knowing what to do in life. But someday and somehow, perhaps, this fire in us can start sparking again and we go on a search.

We are all beggars, seekers in one way or another, at this or another time. Some more, others less. We all have desires, needs, longings, desires, and desires. We search for the purpose of what we do. Many people search for the purpose of life.

The stranger in the parable symbolizes the outside world that has nothing to give you. At the same time, the stranger represents also the universe that constantly brings you clues and lessons until you learn from it. The box represents your heart. The gold is your true inner being, your stories, your experiences, your relationships, your dreams and visions, and your love. You are the beggar.

"But I'm not a beggar," you might think.

All those who have not yet found their true wealth, the purpose of life, inner contentment, and happiness, are beggars. They may be as materially rich as they are.

They seek fulfillment and appreciation, security and love outwardly, while carrying within them a treasure that contains all these things and at the same time is infinitely greater than anything the world has to offer.

You have all this in you. Remember, maybe you just forgot that you left it there?

If you are searching for yourself, who is the seeker?

A few years ago I wasn't happy with what I was doing. Job, relationship, myself, the world. I didn't know who I was and wondering who and where I am going to be. So I wanted to find out. I started the journey of self-discovery.

Suddenly the question came up: "If you are searching for yourself, who is the seeker then?"

At that moment I felt that I did not take myself for who I am. I tried to find myself in something else.

I am not saying that this is wrong.

That process of "trying" to find yourself externally can be very helpful and necessary to reach that sphere of insight and self-awareness.

This idea of self-discovery is the first step to higher consciousness, your higher self.

When you begin to realize that you are you, with all your good and bad sides and all the shit of the past that has happened, you can start to realize slowly that you cannot turn back time. You can begin to accept all this, let go and transform it into the energy that brings you forward into a new life.

A life where you can let go of what lies behind you.

A life where you can let go of accusations to you or others why things are the way they are or were.

A life in which you can decide for yourself where you want to go and how good you feel.

You can see that the scars of time are no longer blemishes, but are a sign that you are stronger than what hurt you and are part of the treasure you are sitting on.

If you look closely, you can also see that the universe brings you infinite possibilities. And if you want, you can also change your perspective and maybe find what you have been looking for so long or even something of much greater value.

Self-discovery becomes self-realization.

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